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Welcome to At Home Retirement Care

The vision of At Home Retirement Care is the belief that seniors should be treated with respect and dignity for they are Creators of our History. We Believe that seniors have earned the Right to live in Peace and Security.

We believe that seniors are still Valuable Contributing Members of our Society. We believe that seniors must have some measure of Self-Determination for they have RIGHTS.

We Believe that Honouring your PARENTS applies to all SENIORS for we are our Brother’s Keeper.
We believe that choosing to work with SENIORS is a Calculated choice and NOT just a Job for the Unemployed.

We believe that CARETAKERS must have Empathy, Passion and Dedication to Defeat all Prejudices and Discriminations.

We believe that a Seniors Home must be truly a Comfortable HOME meeting the Basic Human Need of it’s residents.

We believe In doing unto Others as you have Them do unto You for one day we May have the Privilege of being a SENIOR!

Habakkuk 2, verses: 2 - 3

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